Sergey Lazarev has ceased to hide his son from the star friends

Сергей Лазарев перестал скрывать сына от звездных друзей The former soloist of group “Smash” is not showing the face of his only child, a boy hiding from the press. However, some colleagues of the musician on stage with Nikita met. So, Philip Kirkorov said that Sergei is a great father.

Despite its soaring popularity, Lazarev managed to maintain privacy in matters regarding his personal life. That the musician became a father, the public learned only a few months ago. Now the son of the actor Nikita for three years, but happy father’s not going to show the face of the boy fans or the press.

“I don’t want to hurt his feelings by a large flow of attention. I want my son to have a normal childhood,” explains singer their position.

However, colleagues in the music shop with the heir to the stars met. So, Philip noted that Nikita is strikingly similar to his father. “Such a sweet child I have not met,” – says the king of the national stage.

In Instagram Lazarev son sometimes appears, but a caring father prefers to show only the legs or handle the baby. However, this does not prevent the fans to melt the pictures, trying to find similarities between the idol and his heir. Recently, the artist posted a photo where the kid is photographed from the back. Fans were quick to point out that Nikita was very grown up.

Philip, who was lucky enough to meet a toddler, says that he was enraptured with the parent of quality colleagues on stage.

“To be honest, Sergei as the father, I put 5 ten advantages. It seemed to me that Max Galkin wonderful dad, but Serge has more rushes with his son. Today’s fathers will give odds to many mothers”, -shared her emotions the man.

Among other things, the king of pop admitted that he would like to see Lazarev, Jr. at the birthday party of his son at the end of June Martin is 5 years old. That’s just Sergei is in no hurry to visit such high-profile events with the baby, because it wants to protect Nikita from the limelight.

We will remind, the public learned about fatherhood in the Lazarev sea in December 2016. The boy came to light in 2014, but the star parent for a long time managed to hide this fact. In the course of the incident was only the relatives of the singer and his close friends. Fans of the artist are still wondering who is the mother of the baby, and whether the busy heart of their idol.