Sergey Lazarev has canceled performances because of Eurovision

Сергей Лазарев отменил спектакли из-за Евровидения

The preparation for “Eurovision 2016” takes Sergey Lazarev too much effort. In recent time the head of the singer fell into trouble. Recently he fainted on stage, and is now forced to seriously address their health to have the strength to represent their country at the contest. Against this background, the singer can not get away from his duties as member of the international music competition.

So, Sergei had already cancelled his participation in performances “the Marriage of Figaro”, to be held on 19 and 20 April at the Pushkin Theatre. Due to the lack of Lazarev is these plays the audience will see the other.
About the changes in the chart Sergey said on his page on the social network.
“Friends!! Unfortunately, on 19 and 20 April, the play “Marriage of Figaro” will take place! Instead it will be the premiere of the new play “Little Krause”! Tickets are valid!!if you want to see the play “the Marriage of Figaro”, the box-office will help you to exchange tickets for June! We apologize for the inconvenience” — addressed the audience Lazarev.
He soon published his photo from the airport, where the singer really looks tired. It turned out due to the delay of the flight tel Aviv – Vienna Sergei did not have time on the plane to Malta, where he was to give three promotional interviews. To get to the destination now Lazarus will have to fly via düsseldorf, and spend at the airport almost three hours in anticipation. In the end, evening interviews they carry on the night and early morning, and at 9 o’clock in the morning the singer is already a plane to Greece.
“class, Yes?)))one delayed plane, and how many followed of hemorrhoids!! Thank You, El Al!(( #promo #eurovision2016 #lazarev #YouAreTheOnlyOne #4перелетаЗа24Часа” — angry Joe. Due to participate in Eurovision 2016 an artist’s life was like a kaleidoscope. After the contest, Lazarus have a good rest, to recover.

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