Сергей Лазарев дал комментарии по поводу ухода со сцены
Recently fans were shocked by the news that the popular singer Sergey Lazarev is going to leave the scene.

Сергей Лазарев дал комментарии по поводу ухода со сцены

According to some reports, Sergei plans to go into the theatre, pausing a solo career.

Lazarev was amazed at the rumours and decided to explain things to you.

“Speaking about his theatrical works, I said that a new show with my participation will be, likely in 2019, and that rehearsal time (2-3 months), I’ll have to suspend concert activity to a fully immersive theatrical process (as was the case with the preparation of performances of “the Marriage of Figaro” and “Talents and the Dead”). Neither of which the completion of a musical career was out of the question… on the contrary! This fall a new album, will soon present its production of the project in 2018 – new show and a great tour!” – said the singer.

We will remind that Sergey started his musical career in the group Smash!!, but after the decision of leaving the group was able to realize himself as a solo artist.

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