Sergey Lazarev for the first time spoke about the most severe loss in his life

Сергей Лазарев впервые рассказал о самой тяжелой утрате в его жизни
Popular singer candidly described the nightmare that he had to endure.

Сергей Лазарев впервые рассказал о самой тяжелой утрате в его жизни

Sergey Lazarev

Photo: press service

In the program Sergey Mayorov
“One day…”, which will air in the near future, Sergey Lazarev openly
spoke about the severe losses that he had to endure last year, and
family happiness single dad.

Strolling through the German capital,
always positive Lazarev allowed myself to be honest. The host of the show the singer
talked about the most important and the most difficult moments of his life. Sergey told about
behind the scenes of the Eurovision song contest, called the true causes of the decay of the pop group Smash!!,
remember how I survived the death of his father and older brother, as well as allow audience
to look into the personal space, which he carefully protects: told about
the three-year son Nikita is about a relationship with a woman, for which he is willing to

what you see on TV, everything you see in all sorts of social networks, it is 10%
our lives or even less. The viewer need never know of your experiences.
I the day after the funeral of his brother played a Comedy show. Comedy
the show where we bury our brother. Fun, laughter, coffin on stage,” — said Sergey Lazarev.

Sergey Mayorov

Photo: Press service