Сергей Лазарев впервые о ребенке: «Я счастлив быть папой» The actor candidly spoke about his son. According to Lazarev, he didn’t want the journalists interfered in his personal life. However, singer is not going to advertise the family business and asks the public not to disturb his family and friends.

      Today in mass media there was information that the 33-year-old singer Sergey Lazarev brings adorable son. The journalists took a picture of the artist, returning with the baby from the temple. The footage appeared online, Lazarev enjoying playing with the boy, then leads him by the hand to the car. The music star was accompanied by his mother Valentina. Until recently, Sergey has refrained from public statements about the heir, preferring not to share the details of his personal life. However, after numerous questions and requests to comment on the situation patience Lazarev is over.

      Sergey Lazarev two years hiding son

      The contractor hastened to explain why he had so long concealed son.

      “The life of a public man is always seen under a magnifying glass, causing a lot of talk, rumors, discussion, often negative emotions and even adult and experienced people this attention is a complex challenge, not to mention a small child”, – shared Sergey.

      In addition, Lazarev asked others not to bother his family and friends and to respect people’s privacy.

      “Me and my family, it was decided to keep the wonderful and happy event that occurred in my life 2.5 years ago, exclusively in a family circle, without making any statements or announcements. But today it so happened that the General public has become known that hidden event in my personal life. And now there are a huge number of publications, speculation, dodumki and gossip. In order not to produce them even more, I want to officially confirm that I am really happy here for 2.5 years to be a dad and raise my son. But I am asking all to respect the personal space of my family, me and my son and keep our right to privacy. Thank you for understanding!” – said the artist in his microblog.

      Fans of Sergei wished his family happiness and health. They believe that the artist is a wonderful father, who will be able to raise an heir worthy man. “Congratulations,” “We are all very happy for you,” “how lovely”, “well Done, well done”, “That’s nice!”, “I hope that a boy as beautiful as his dad”, “How sweet”, “This is really cool”, “Well said” “Great news”, “did the Right thing. It’s your family, and you have to decide what to do in this situation” – discussing social media users.