Sergey Lazarev discovered a new talent

Сергей Лазарев открыл в себе новый талант
Loyal fans will recall that the popular singer Sergey Lazarev became popular thanks to participation in the group SMASH!!!

Сергей Лазарев открыл в себе новый талант

Sergey and Vlad Topalov being really young guys were able to conquer the hearts of countless girls, but in 2006, Lazarev decided to leave the band and start a solo career.

Now Sergey tries himself as a producer.

Сергей Лазарев открыл в себе новый талант

“Now a large shortage of good pop projects, and especially boys duets in our country. Remembering the distant 2002, when our Vlad Topalov duet SMASH!! was popular and in demand, I understand that now this Duo doesn’t exist. And neither I can create it. Holy and Kostya — megatalented guys who not only sing well, but also write their own songs,” says the artist.

The new group will be called DVOE, in which soloists are Constantine Cherkas and Svyatoslav Stepanov. Sergei sincerely believes in guys and believes that they can become popular.

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