Сергея Лазарева осудили за выступление в костюме Папы Римского Recently on his page, the artist published a post, where they were sealed at the time of submission of his new show, which he dedicated to his son. The singer appeared before the audience in a very extravagant manner – a Catholic priest than revolted the active users of the Network.

A real wave of popular indignation rose after Sergey Lazarev has published on his page in Instagram picture in which he appeared in a bright red robe with a cloak and the head of the actor was decorated with a headpiece resembling Holy miter worn by bishops and cardinals of the Catholic Church.

But its subscribers were not interested in news about the upcoming show, and the appearance of the singer. Apparently not everyone liked the unusual outfit, which was quick to jump followers in the comments under the picture. Some even felt that the singer should not wear clothes of a priest. And for insulting the feelings of believers Catholics must answer to the law.

“With the outfit overkill, apparently, the fantasy was over, and taste in clothing,” “What did he have in mind? What is all this for?”, “You are a great artist, a great artist, but why mess with these costumes? Just an opinion about you is changing and not for the better”, “I think it offends the religious feelings of Catholics,” did not hide the indignation of commentators.

But there were also those who found the hidden meaning in a similar outfit. According to them, the artist has dedicated his new show son and thus defeated its role as a dad. The image of the Pope is one such example. And yet not all users reacted so critical to the experiment of the contractor. Fans noted that what is the meaning invested in their show Sergei and whatever costume they chose, not as important as the overall impression of the show. Fans wished beloved by even greater success and urged not to pay attention to the negative statements and continue to please their new hits.