Sergey Lazarev became the hero of the Lego

Сергей Лазарев стал героем Lego

Now a piece of popular singer will be able to get each of his fans!

Lazarev one, but his number of fans growing every day! About them this time and thought the organizers of the competition. The girls did not grieve, they decided to give “Lazarus” each.

Now the artist can be bought in the form of the famous designer Lego. Project Eurovision Song Contest – With Toys not only tried to “blind” man, as similar to Sergey, but also reproduce the decorations of his rooms at the song contest.

However, these decorations have become very famous. Recently during a regular rehearsal, the singer stumbled and fell almost a meter in height. Only luck helped the artist not to ring the hospital bed, and continue the rehearsal.

We will remind, room Lazarev for the song “You are the only one” (“You’re the only one”) is built on the visual effects.

Ah-the effect during the show is guaranteed. The music will begin to sound in complete darkness, and only the growth rate on the wall of the scene will appear the screen with the projections, which then turns into a climbing wall.

Now Lazarev actively practicing, so as not to collapse with its own decorations. He, we recall, is located in Stockholm since may 1. And the results of the training, which lasted several months, we will see very soon. May 10 kicks off the first day of the contest, and the 14th will be declared the winner.

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