Sergey Lazarev became the first at “Eurovision” by results of spectator sympathies

Сергей Лазарев стал первым на «Евровидении» по результатам зрительских симпатий
The representative of Russia is not enough of some 43 points to win.

Sergey Lazarev

The final of competition “Eurovision”
became for the Russian fans a real challenge. Sergey Lazarev, who
was from the very first rehearsal in Stockholm a favorite of the event, took only third place. He gave the coveted victory to the representative of Ukraine, who scored 534 points,
and performer from Australia who performed in 511 points. In the end, Lazarus with his song “You are the only one”, which by the way was written by Filipp Kirkorov, was not enough only some 43 points to the long-awaited victory. Incidentally, the results of the audience voting, Sergei became the winner. But, unfortunately, the professional jury appreciated the performance Lazarev is not so high. By the way, additional refereeing was the innovation of the “Eurovision 2016”. And if the scoring was conducted under the old rules, i.e. would take into account only the voices of the audience all over Europe, then the results Sergey would take first place! By the way, the day before Lazarev was awarded an awards audience award, awarded to him by the foreign press.

However, even despite
the fact that Sergey won this year, his number will be long remembered
the whole of Europe. Fantastic and technically very difficult performance,
breathtaking graphics — until Sergei on “the Eurovision” did not speak yet
no. And it seemed that Lazarev is to win it all: charming appearance,
strong voice and incredible energy.

Many thought that losing
Sergei had involved political reasons, someone thought that the Russian
the singer just “fused” to the finale. And there were those who remembered that shortly before the “Eurovision”
Lazarev due to too much work lost
consciousness at the concert in Saint-Petersburg. Sergei combined work in the theater,
shooting in music videos, concert performances, photo session, interview, and then to this
has been added and the preparation for the contest, which could not affect the health
Lazarev. Whatever it was, it does not detract from the merits of Sergei, who, sparing no effort, put on “the Eurovision” at 100%.

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