Сергей Лазарев стал жертвой мошенников
The name of a popular artist blatantly taken advantage of.

Sergey Lazarev

Photo: Instagram

In the last
time celebrities are increasingly attacked by scammers online. In most cases
are trying to cheat themselves, but there are cases when the scammers are trying to enter into
misleading gullible fans and make money. With this
faced, for example, Sergei
Lazarev. The singer learned that a man priglashaet wishing to participate in
the filming of the new clip of the singer. With wanting immediately demand to transfer 450
rubles, which, according to criminals, will be returned to the members at their
the appearance on the set.

Of course,
angry Lazarev immediately posted a screenshot of the ad in
Instagram, warning fans that it’s fake, it makes no
auditions and certainly not asks participants to make a monetary contribution.

auditions are not for the money! Do not get fooled! First you promise the fee, and
then please transfer the money for the entrance,” warned the actor.

The fraudsters, preying on the love of fans to their idols, Lazarev
predicts a prosperous future: “Remember, scammers are creatures who hang in
network these ads and cheat people under the guise of artists, collecting
money — sooner or later you get caught and go to jail.”