Sergey Lazarev at Eurovision: we believe in victory

Сергей Лазарев на «Евровидении»: мы верим в победу “StarHit” recalls what he lived last year member of the international competition from Russia. Sergey Lazarev has all the chances to take first place at Eurovision. A Grand show will take place tonight.

      Сергей Лазарев на «Евровидении»: мы верим в победу

      To the finals of the international music contest “Eurovision”, which takes place in the Swedish capital Stockholm, just a few hours. Thousands of people around the world, with bated breath, waiting for the main fight of the show. Russia this year is charismatic and courageous Sergey Lazarev with the mega-hit “You are the only one”. In accordance with the rates of bookmakers, the contractor has all the chances to win. In the final Lazarev will perform at number 18. While Russia calmly in front of the spectacular show, the broadcast of which will begin today at 21:30 Moscow time, “StarHit” recalls what happened in the life of Sergey Lazarev over the last year.

      Chief editor of “Stargate” Andrey Malakhov did not doubt in the victory of Sergey Lazarev on “the Eurovision”. We will succeed! He is sure that the artist has represented our country at the highest level, and it can not fail to mention representatives of other countries and members of the jury during voting.

      When it became known that in 2016 at the competition “Eurovision 2016” Russia will be represented by Sergey Lazarev, has started large-scale preparations for the show. This year, for organizing this trip and the broadcast of the contest is responsible RTR. “StarHit” found that the company planned to send Philip Kirkorov, who produced room and the singer in the Stockholm economy. Sergey Lazarev will go to Eurovision for its own account.

      “I do it for its own account and know the importance of this work, – said the “StarHit” Philip. – Probably, if to compare with the Olympic games is how to be a coach of the national team. My participation in “Eurovision” — is a social activity, my contribution to the positive perception of our country in the promotion of our culture and performers in Europe.”
      Сергей Лазарев на «Евровидении»: мы верим в победу

      Sergei admitted he was very pleased that the song “You are the only one” literally on the first day blew up the Internet. She immediately got into the European charts – Greece, Norway, the Netherlands, Latvia, Belarus, Sweden. And the clip for the first day was watched by over a million people.

      The singer who represented Russia at the Eurovision song contest in Stockholm, shortly before an important event scared his fans. At a concert in St. Petersburg, he fainted. Sergey frankly told “StarHit”, why it happened and how the incident was responded his mother. Sergey Lazarev: “I figured that showed a weakness.”

      “That in St. Petersburg at the concert I fainted, my mother found out within two minutes, the doctors had not yet come. She communicates with my fans, they know her number. And here “good” fans threw mommy video. I couldn’t even comfort her at that moment because I was with the doctors who provided first aid. Your mom and I talked my Director said that I was all right. Mom always scolds for not saving myself. After this incident came to me in a relationship, and I felt that showed weakness – confessed “StarHit” Sergey. – Now I understand – this is a lesson we need to take seriously the regime’s own life. Plus the day before the concert I didn’t eat anything because I was rehearsing. Such also should not be allowed”.

      I wonder what father Sergey in recent years has become closer. They learn on the phone from each other. In addition, Lazarev became increasingly communicate with brother Andrew, the son of the Pope from his second marriage. Andrew is watching the musical innovations of his brother, for his work. Recently, the relatives were on the show with the participation of the artist in the Pushkin Theatre, they liked it, the Pope praised the son. For Sergei it is very valuable.

      Сергей Лазарев на «Евровидении»: мы верим в победу

      A resounding success Lazarev on the Eurovision song contest was preceded by a triumph at one of the capital’s biggest venues, which became a kind of rehearsal before the international competition. 12 November last year in “Crocus city Hall” was Packed: many star colleagues and admirers of Sergey Lazarev came to support the artist on his show The best. This concert celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its creative activity.

      Сергей Лазарев на «Евровидении»: мы верим в победу

      In the VIP box took their places the stars – Phillip Kirkorov, Ani Lorak, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Polina Gagarina with her husband Dmitry ishakova. However, probably the most awaited spectator show for the singer was his father Vyacheslav Lazarev, who appeared with his youngest son and wife. Dad Sergey Lazarev came on his show PHOTO. The fact that for a long time Sergei did not communicate with the parent, many years ago he left the family and ceased to maintain contact with his son. The native people came close again just recently.

      “We are fine, no problems, – said Vyacheslav Lazarev with “StarHit”. – We communicate, Sergey invited me to the concert, I gladly accepted the invitation. The concert we liked”.
      Сергей Лазарев на «Евровидении»: мы верим в победу

      Recall, last spring the family of Sergey Lazarev suffered a horrible tragedy. The consequences of a car accident was for brother singer fatal. Paul died a few days after the accident from a blood infection. Sergei was so shocked by the incident that did not appear in public and did not give interviews. However, the brother’s death was a new step in his complicated relationship with my dad. Common grief brought father and son. After that, they began to communicate.

      Sergey Lazarev has never concealed that his mother, Valentina Ivanovna, a very special relationship. A woman who supports his famous son, and he, in turn, can trust her with any secrets and experiences. Therefore, mom’s birthday Lazarev could not help but surprise, despite the fact that it was not in the country. Sergey Lazarev took time off from work for mom. The singer passed through a delivery service mom a beautiful bouquet, and a few days later and he flew at the first opportunity. Sergey helped set the table. He was cooking the family’s salad “Lazarevskoye” and Olivier.

      Сергей Лазарев на «Евровидении»: мы верим в победу

      After her parents separated, Sergey could not compose myself, I was very upset. For a long time did not communicate with his father. But time has smoothed the rough edges in his family, and for mom, the son has become a mainstay in my life. Mother of Sergey Lazarev: “Son supported me during the divorce”.

      “The son grew up, and the main rule is never to climb into his soul. If you can not cope, need advice – he says. Or I will feel and so delicately support, – told the “StarHit” Valentina Viktorovna. The son is the head of our big family, no matter what happens, will always help. I’m emotional, unable to respond rudely. And he is very calm: “Mom, well, don’t worry.” Who would have bad things he did, he will find a drop of positivity and thank you. Sergei – my main support in all difficult situations, I don’t know what I would without him have been through a divorce with her second husband Michael five years ago.”

      Interestingly, in addition to the main things in life – creativity – last year from Lazarev has another outlet, which also brings him a good income. The singer turned into a pastry chef. Sergey Lazarev preparing cakes for dogs and cats. Create delicious and healthy cakes for cats and dogs, the artist has conceived more than two years ago. In the end, the dream became a brand under a funny name “Poodle-Strudel”. We can assume that paw to put the pet is a pooch, Daisy.

      “The idea came to me when my family and I celebrated the New year. According to our tradition, we all stood in a circle, rejoiced and gave each other gifts, and sat next to my sad dog who didn’t understand why everyone has gifts, and she has nothing. Then I thought that it would be great to surprise her with a delicious cake!” – talked about bakery for Pets Lazarev.

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