Sergey Lazarev about the next drama in her life: “I was the only breadwinner in the family…”

Сергей Лазарев об очередной драме в жизни: «Я стал единственным кормильцем в семье...»
The singer has lost another loved one because of the “very silly” coincidences.

Sergey Lazarev

Photo: @lazarevsergey (Instagram Sergey Lazarev)

Sergey Lazarev has shared sad news about two months ago he lost his father. The singer grieved the loss, because his relationship with him had just recovered after a long break. By a tragic coincidence, Sergei’s father died exactly two years and one day after the departure from life of his brother Paul…

Lazarev believes the death of his father — “very stupid”. His life took an open ulcer. This disease is treatable in the hospital, but the father of the singer was afraid to seek medical help. “The night before he wrote to me: “Remember Pasha…”, and the next day I learn that the Pope died during the night… — said Sergey. — I sat and did not understand: how can it be? What is this doom?”

To restore the relationship with my dad Lazarev decided after the funeral of his older brother. Father left the family when the future star was only five years old and since then he did not communicate with him. However, a family tragedy has rallied Sergey with the father. “I have had a difficult relationship with his father and I do not want in a situation when it did not, to talk about how he was a father in my life… Last year he tried very hard to be a good dad. He wanted to catch up…” — said Sergey.

Now Lazarev was the only male in his family. He cares about his mother, grandmother and niece and understands that the responsibility for their life now rests only on him alone. “I am now the only breadwinner in the family… a Man who if anything would have to protect them!” — said the singer in interview to the program “One day…”. In addition, he grows little son Nikita, who also needs protection.