Сергей Крылов арендовал апартаменты президента США Today, August 25, singer, is celebrating its 55th anniversary. Sergey Krylov is now living in the two cities: most of the time in Sochi, and sometimes arrives with concerts in Moscow. He makes his money by speaking at corporate events and parties. His friend, Alexander Dobronravov remembered how they recorded the album in a hotel room with Richard Nixon.

      Сергей Крылов арендовал апартаменты президента США

      One of the most powerful characters pop of the 90s, artist of the hit “my Girl” Sergey Krylov on August 25 marks 55 years. Missing from the screens after participation in show “You – superstar!” on NTV in 2007, the singer appeared in a cameo role in the new series of the channel TNT “Crisis tender age.” Get to know the artist quite easily – their outstanding forms and charming smile Sergey is not lost. Krylov lives in two cities – most of the time in Sochi, says he’s comfortable there, but often visited in Moscow, where his waiting wife Love and son Ian. Earns the singer performances at corporate events, he is often invited to parties. On the eve of a significant date, until the hero of the day “sick” in Rio de Janeiro for the Russian national team at the Olympic games, “StarHit” talked with his friend, composer, author of music to the song “How delightful evening in Russia” Alexander Dobronravov.

      Сергей Крылов арендовал апартаменты президента США

      “We met nearly thirty years ago, – says the “StarHit” Alexander. – Introduced us to each other Andrey Razin in the Studio “Record”, then they hung out all the show business. Started working together, something recorded, experimented, and became friends. In 1993 came up with a program “two comrades were Serving”, sailed with her across Russia and the former Soviet Union. The performance lasted about one and a half hours – the first one came out Sergei and after a certain number in the middle of the concert caused the stage to me. But one day – it was in Odessa all went according to plan. My colleague performed a “back of the Bay of Biscay”, for which we came up with the idea”.

      “In the first verse: “In the distant the Bay of Biscay mulatto on the pier sad. This beloved beauty in the night of the shooting killed on the last words on the “minus” was imposed the loud sound of gunfire. As soon as they heard, the wings fell to the pavement dead. He turned out very natural, no wonder the acting Department of theater school graduated. Moreover, Sergei was in the best form, so to speak, in the Prime of life – pounds 150″.

      “I dressed quietly behind the scenes, when he heard from the scene of his first landing, and then gasps and cheers in the hall. Part of the public, as it was conceived, panicked that the artist really hurt, it was hectic, the height of lawlessness in the country. Well, this trick was already familiar, but the fact that after the end of the song Sergei pulled something vague, a La “I was lying in the sun, I’m staring at the sun” and was called to the microphone I have… As you know, “a song of the lion cub and the turtle” in the repertoire of Krylov never had, and my appearance has not yet come. In my confusion, I came to the aid of someone – judging by the behavior and by the fact that he was lying on the stage, he needed it. I ran in the spotlight for depicting something strange is Serezha, and he whispered in my ear the whole show he played for a very simple reason – his pants during the drop button broke and parted the fly. So the audience was brought two artists in soft – Krylov pants hand holds, and I shirt normal button is not done and the tie is not tied. Had to improvise to comrade from the scene to divert. Not been since the get-togethers that we have this ridiculous case of the shooting did not remember, but the soundtrack to rewrite not become.”

      Сергей Крылов арендовал апартаменты президента США

      “In a tour of the towns and villages we necessarily accompanied by a security guard. It was fashionable, and the status oblige – he’s already “spun”, gained momentum, led the program “Night canal Dream”. With whom we meet was not necessary – and with the Odessa bandits, and Kiev fighters, and with the Siberian fortress. However, security was not only responsible for our security and to protect from the attentions of persistent fans. We used the guys and how the traction force of the props and costumes we dragged a lot, but among the requirements for hiring the most important…was the ability to play chess. We Krylov sometimes Wake up and the evening concert, hovered over the Board – Sereja not very fond on the beach glow. In Feodosia in the boarding house for them. Lenin once the score reached 93:85. Of course, it needed a referee and sparring partner, here are the guards in all these roles and played”.

      “By the mid -‘ 90s, we have already earned popularity, he could afford a lot. And to push the boat out too. To prepare for recording Serijnogo album “angel 421”, in March 1994, filmed in the capital for two months in luxury apartments of the… Richard Nixon. In 1972, the 37th President of the United States came to Russia on an official visit and eight days stayed in the exact room in which we staged a Studio. And he died, by the way, April 22, at a time when we were playing in his room. Bought the necessary equipment – drums, keys, guitar, bass, in General, all brand new tools and rehearse with the musicians of “A’studio” from morning to night.”

      And imagine, during our investigations the property has not received a single complaint. Here’s a sound there for the first party in the Soviet Union did! In may, bringing songs to perfection, we flew to America, where in new York to record exactly 13 days, which by those standards was just unreal!”

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