Сергея Горобченко выписали из больницы
The actor said that he was in the clinic due to food poisoning.

Sergey Gorobchenko

Photo: Mikhail Klyuyev

Sergey Gorobchenko informed fans happy
news. The actor was discharged from the hospital, where he was suspected pancreatitis.
It later emerged that the star of “Boomer” was a bacterial infection. About it
the actor was forced to tell a personal microblog so as fans, friends and
colleagues were so worried about his condition that Sergei barrage of
phone calls, emails, and SMS messages.

“Before you get to the hospital, felt
not feeling well. Before a flight, gym, working time, little sleep. Also
started to see the diet from the extra carbs is to clean myself up after
festive food. In General, while in Moscow, got out of bed and became ill.
Darkened in eyes, lost for a second consciousness, fell, — said the actor. —
Before such never was. Immediately thought that weakness from the low-carbohydrate
food. The fuel is over. Then I realized that is the temperature. Called doctors
recommended to come. Bought vitamins, ate dinner again began to stir.
Went to the hospital. Did all the tests: head CT, checked stomach,
heart, blood sugar, nerves, ENT… All on fast surfaces research
— all normal. There was only a very high rate of white blood cells that were talking about
the inflammatory process. Some beacons have focused on the pancreatitis. Then
this diagnosis was removed, the temperature
returned to normal, the dynamics in the positive leukocytes. As a result, doctors
understood. Before the New Year I had food poisoning
I never healed, developed a hearth of bacterial infection. 15 Jan happened
septic shock. I fell from low blood pressure. Vessels dilate
from infection — the pressure drops. That’s all. Temperature, leukocytes
from bacterial infection. Explicit pancreatitis no. No pain, and wasn’t.
But off not reset, the history of the disease appeared. The hospital remained
to a full recovery. Now I’m all right.”