Sergey Garmash will be the first time grandpa

Сергей Гармаш впервые станет дедушкой The actor’s daughter is expecting a child. 27-year-old Daria and her husband will soon be parents. This “StarHit” said the wife of Sergei, Inna. As long as future grandparents not know who they will be born grandson or granddaughter.

      Сергей Гармаш впервые станет дедушкой

      In the family of 58-year-old actor this year is expected to completion. After several months, the daughter of Sergei, 27-year-old Daria, give him a grandchild. The heiress actor got married about a year ago. The husband immediately Dasha liked her father. According to friends of the family, Sergei called him reliable and easy the nature of man.

      “We’re due closer to the New year, – has shared with “StarHit” the wife of Garmash, actress Inna Timofeeva. – The youngsters did not know the sex of the baby, Yes all of us it does not matter!”

      Modest wedding heiress Garmash and her partner, 28-year-old Pavel Sidorov, played after eight years of relationship, the event celebrated in the narrow circle of family and friends in the restaurant at Chistye Prudy. And honeymoon the couple spent in the Turkish town of Gocek.

      Now the family enjoy a vacation in a hot Montenegro – the parents and the grandfather can swim, sunbathe, try the fish delicacies. In the same family, riding on the boat, said and Day movie. “Rest here for the fourth time and, as always, insanely happy”, shared Daria Garmash.

      The daughter of actor does not forget about work – she recently moved up the career ladder, occupying the post of Deputy Director in the Studio “Russian project”. By the way, Daria often intersects with the famous father on the set – for example, during work on the military drama “hetaeras major Sokolov” she worked in the producers ‘ group, and Garmash played a major role. After the birth of a baby girl, plans to take maternity leave – to help with the first-born couple will be grandparents.