Sergey Garmash jumped out of the window of the fifth floor

Сергей Гармаш выпрыгнул из окна пятого этажа The actor decided to do the stunt in one scene of the film. Sergey Garmash refused the help of professional stuntmen and took the risk for the role. His colleague Vera Voronkova admired the masculinity of the artist.
Сергей Гармаш выпрыгнул из окна пятого этажа

At the end of the 90s in Russia came the Thriller. In the movies appeared extreme scene of a car wreck and fighting on a moving high speed train. So none of the actors were not injured, came to the aid of the doubles. However, among the artists were the brave souls who chose to abandon their services. Among these was Sergey Garmash. Many risky stunts he performed himself as a true stuntman. Part in dangerous scenes helped the star to temper the character and to cultivate willpower. 26 Oct actor will appear before spectators in an image of Emperor Alexander III in the drama “Matilda”. Even before the release of the picture had sparked public outcry, many have wondered whether actors authentically embody the images of prominent personalities.

According to historical records, the hero of Garmash possessed determination and courage, and these qualities the artist rife. His fearlessness recalls actress Vera Voronkova.

“Sergei and I met in 1997. Then we confirmed for a role in the film “time of the dancer”. I played a tamer, and Garmash – military. We have assembled a very strong men’s team: Andrei Yegorov, Yuri Stepanov, Zurab Kipshidze and Sergey! He immediately stood out among the other guys: charming smile, slightly gruff voice, contagious laughter… Some scenes of the film were shot in the Crimea, where we were accommodated in a local Guesthouse.

Сергей Гармаш выпрыгнул из окна пятого этажа

All day we had gone for rehearsals. Remember, in the last week of filming the Earring I wanted someone to talk to, and all left for the run. Have Garmashov at the hotel, knocked at the door, but to no avail. Nobody opened. Was in a hurry and I had to rehearse for the room with the dogs. While repeating the text, Shackle and got to me. “Vera, are you home?” – said a familiar voice. I recognized him immediately: “Serge, what’s wrong? Let’s just quickly, hurry!” He came in, and muttered: “of Course, happened! I’m bored, while you’re rehearsing, take at least five more minutes”. Serezha I love you, but at the time was in no mood to talk.

“Come on in the evening. Just come back from shooting, make some tea, or something stronger, and then talk heart to heart” — I suggested. I thought he would come in position, but I was wrong. Shackle insisted. “Voronkov, if you’re out now, swear to God I will jump out of the window!” he said. I did not attach importance to him. Continued to meet, with one eye glancing at the clock, afraid of being late. “Serge, what nonsense are you talking about? Don’t be stupid! Waiting for you after eight, just in time table cover. Maybe one of the guys we will catch up”, I said to her. Apparently, Garmash, my answer again was not pleasant.

Сергей Гармаш выпрыгнул из окна пятого этажа“Well, Vera, I told you, I was going for good!” – I heard his voice from the hallway. Thought, well, offended Earring. Left without even saying goodbye, and the door slammed. Went to close it, when suddenly you see it rushing past me, straight for the window in the room. Flew up on the window sill and fell out into the street. The shards fell to the floor, was the sound of breaking glass. And I have numb hands, even to cry out an moan some turns. Think: “Just lost.” After the fifth floor… Soviet art suffered a serious loss, and it’s all my fault!
Сергей Гармаш выпрыгнул из окна пятого этажа

Ran to the window, afraid to look out. Heart’s racing, that look from the chest jump out. When still together, looked down, and there the Earring… she’s waving to me and laughing! It turns out that the walls of the boarding house had been repainted.

Probably, the master was out to lunch and left the building cradle. She was on the floor below, under my Windows. Shackle prochukhan this, and he originated the plan of the drawing. Of course, I knew he does all the stunts himself and not afraid of heights, but such a surprise was not expecting. Still not on the set. In tears looking at him, but my head only one thought: “Well, Garmash! Thank God that he is alive!” And he’s happy, smiling: “Well, Burke? To chat with me?” I was already nowhere. Had to be late for rehearsal. But honestly, until the end, I told him this is a bad joke and not easy. A little odd I have left!”