Sergey Druzhko: “It’s part of my program for the introduction of the world wide web!”

Сергей Дружко: «Это часть моей программы по внедрению во всемирную паутину!»
Actor and TV presenter commented on a resurgence of its popularity in the Network.

Sergey Druzhko

Photo: Instagram

Online — new an absolute hit: draft Druzhko Show
a person that was a former moderator of the mystic program “Inexplicable, but fact”
Sergei Druzhko, two days was watched by nearly 3 million users. Transfer
is the issue the actual news Network. How
global plans of Sergey Druzhko to capture the world wide web, I asked him.

— Sergey, was there before the shooting Druzhko Show some kind of casting?

No casting was not. It was hard
work on the study of the world of the Internet. And then I called on friends to shoot the show.

— Do you think that due to what the first release
two days had seen a record number of people?

— Honestly, I’m a little upset with this
low efficiency. On the planet home to more than 8 billion people. And only 0,000375%
of the population found out about my show. But not yet evening.

— Where
you disappeared after the program, “Inexplicable, but fact”? What have you been doing?

— As I mentioned above, studied the Internet.
Because it contains gigabytes of information.

— What does a person called a “living

— I don’t know, call me Sergei Druzhko.

— You knew about that Telegram messenger six months ago, there were stickers with your image?

— Yes, it was part of my program
the introduction of the world wide web.

— What are you doing so special that under
your rollers are not negative comments, almost no one?

— I learned how to use the “delete”button
(It is labeled “basket”).

The plan is to take over the world?

Plans do not build, trust fate, we are.