Sergey Burunov admitted who damaged his consciousness and intelligence

Сергей Бурунов признался, кто повредил ему сознание и разум
The actor spoke about working in the theater of Satire.

Sergey Burunov

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Today on channel TNT launched the third season of the popular
series “COP with the ruble”. Writer Ilya Kulikov, for which this
the sitcom became the directorial debut, released on his
youtube channel a video interview, hero
of which was Sergey Burunov. The actor, who starred in “Police” Vadim Yakovlev, told why he had to go with the “theater of Satire”. According to the artist,
the main reason was that he didn’t want to be ultimately, “caterpillar
in the fourth row”.

“I graduated from the Shchukin school in a very difficult time
recalls Breakers. — Was a wild unemployment. Alexander Anatolyevich Shirvindt
took me into the troupe of the theater of Satire, where I happily worked for four seasons and
then decided to leave. The fact that I had nothing to play there. I was
ashamed to go on stage with those roles that I played. I still remember his
role in the play “the Kid and Carlson”. I glued the ears played a
Pele’s other sisters Baby.

For the brain and consciousness is not completely gone, they
got a little damaged. This was due to the emotions that I experienced,
playing. Was and, of course, but they were very few. For the fourth season
I realized that I was finished. In the theater you have to show what you can do. I
said: “Have to wait”. What to expect, time is ticking! I have not seen, not
I wanted to turn into a “mushroom” or “the caterpillar in the fourth row”. However,
despite the damaged consciousness, I am grateful to Alexander Anatolyevich. It
great man. It was an experience and I still have fond memories of
working in the theatre”.