Sergey Bezrukov was invited to the theatre is the participant of the project “You are super! Dancing”

Сергей Безруков пригласил в театр участницу проекта «Ты супер! Танцы»
The actor played the cherished dream of a young dancer.

Sergey Bezrukov Irina Ananyeva

During the filming
the second contest day of the project “You are super! Dancing” on NTV channel one
participants after the performance was a surprise, which the girl could not dream
famous actor Sergei Bezrukov came to the shooting to take her to the theater.

A young dancer from
Volgograd, 12-year-old Irina Ananyeva, enjoys rhythmic gymnastics and
take lessons of choreography in the ballet Studio. Also the girl is very fond of poetry, and
she composes poetry. In the “dream”, filling in the application form, the Ira indicated
what would really live to hear how Sergey Bezrukov will read the poem.
People’s artist of Russia came to the contestant during filming
project to personally invite to the theater for the performance, dedicated to the life and
the work of the writer and poet Alexander Pushkin.

“Ira, I wish
you to always was great, everywhere you the light was green and all your
dreams come true! I know that you love poetry and I would like to invite you to the theatre
the poetic statement of Pushkin!” — with a smile said national