Сергей Безруков снял клип, в котором приняли участия его дети и жена Анна Матисон

Сергей Безруков снял клип, в котором приняли участия его дети и жена Анна Матисон

46-year-old Russian actor Sergei Bezrukov recently released their new video for the song “Heavy day”. In this video Sergey showed one day of your life, the clip was attended by his colleagues in the theatre and the set, and his wife Anna matison, two children Maria and Stephen, and of course a dog named Polly.

In this video Sergey showed their working week. Like all people working everyday life of an actor starts with waking up, Breakfast and hygiene, then Sergei goes to the set, and then to the theater where he works as an art Director. After such an eventful day handleman returns home, where he was eagerly waiting for a family: a wife and two children. By the way, celebrity has two more children from his first marriage with Christina Smirnova.

In the clip shown, what about their children Sergey remembers throughout the day. He breaks with them calls up a video, so kids can be seen in the frame more than once. That is not true for wife Anna, which is shown once and then briefly.

Bezrukov has presented a clip on his official page in Instagram. There he admitted that the outgoing year was very complex, but rich to work. But the actor admitted that in any difficult situation it always makes a family.

Sergey said that family is the most important thing in life, both for the artist and for any ordinary person. Work, career, life’s challenges do not mean anything in life, if not his beloved family nearby. Celebrity also noted that it is important for him to see his wife and children happy and healthy, in such moments, all the tiredness disappears and is taken from a force for the future. He wished everyone in this world to experience such happiness.

Netizens reacted very well to this clip. Fans wrote that the video was very light, warm and touching. Someone even has a clip so am deeply moved, which caused tears of joy. However, all the followers wished Sergei often spending time with family and never to quarrel.

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