Сергей Безруков впервые сыграл самого себя!
The actor spoke about his role in the movie “Myths”.

Sergei Bezrukov: “My character is a tragic figure. Great actor, turned into a media person. He cannot bear to see myself even in the mirror”

Photo: Hype Film

Bezrukov, on the unprecedented popularity of which is legendary, first time played
myself: it happened in the movie Alexander Molochnikova “Myths” (it will be released in
rental in November). Before the premiere Bezrukov said that he thinks about fame and
your own talent.

“I saw the work of Sasha Molochnikova in
theatre — I love his drive, his humor, and so when I came
this proposal I agreed, — says
Sergei Bezrukov. — There’s a nice
the idea: all the actors play themselves, or rather
— myths about themselves. Long searched, who can be my hero, and I found a way
Dionysus, the actor who played everything. There is a widespread myth about me like I’m
played and all, but actually it is not. For example, “Myths about Moscow” —
it’s a musical, and I’m in this genre have not played. My character was even written
Aria in the style of rock, and I was very interested to do it. Well, imagine that
I played everything from the Pope to natural phenomena like water, and from the heart
joke on this topic — I think there is something cool!

Although we
tried to find this character and tragic notes. Was a difficult task:
to exist in light of the musical genre and be the most truly serious
and tragic in the frame, so that it was funny. My character
a tragic figure, a victim of its own talent, a great actor
turned into a media person, which he is now unbearable to see everywhere
around, and especially in the mirror. Therefore, the viewer will, I hope, not just
laugh at him, but to sympathize with him simultaneously. I myself in this role
very compassionate. And enjoy laughing at myself over you.”