Сергей Безруков женился во второй раз The famous actor got married with Anna matison. Union of actor and Director came as a surprise to many. The creative person does not flaunt their relationship.

      Сергей Безруков женился во второй раз

      In the life of Sergey Bezrukov was a happy event. Nationwide pet has tied the knot with Anna matison. A talented screenwriter and Director, became a darling of the famous actor.

      For the first time about the creative Union of two stars started talking after Bezrukov has played a major role in the film, Mathison milky way. The film was shot in rough conditions on lake Baikal, which, apparently, brought Sergei and Anna. However, all in all the speculation about a new novel in conversation with journalists the actor just laughed it off. “There are so many rumours and speculation about our relationship. So we decided… not to say anything about his personal life, and only talk about cinema,” he said.

      Finally, Bezrukov revealed the truth about the changes in his personal life. He told about the wedding with Anna matison. “Vadik, my dear! We got married! But we are not making loud statements. Quietly, without hype. Don’t want to be asked: when, where and so on. To protect our happiness,” quoted the magazine “OK!” the words of the artist, facing his friend Vadim Wernick.

      We will remind, last year it became known that Bezrukov had divorced with his wife Irina Bezrukova after fifteen years of marriage. Adorable actress has turned a new page in his life and finally broadcast their own programs, the first hero of which was Sergei, did ex-spouse symbolic gift. She presented the actor a blank sheet of paper. Irina explained that in difficult times he can get this sheet as a symbol of renewal, and to start all over again.

      It is noteworthy that after the filming of “milky way”, which became fatal for the actor, Sergey Bezrukov admitted that he was not afraid of any changes in life. In the fall at the company gathering in the Provincial theater, which is headed by artist, Sergei has appeared before your colleagues inspired. “Performances are more and more, the years are flying. Hopefully, the budget of the theater will not cut”, he said. Among the spectators waiting for change was a new name – Mikhail Porechenkov, who gave consent to participate in the play “the taming of the shrew” by Shakespeare.

      By the way, ex-wife of Sergey Bezrukov Irina, despite all the changes in his personal life, still continues to work among their colleagues. The actress is a real gem of a Provincial theatre.

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