Sergey Bezrukov has shared a new picture of little girl

Сергей Безруков поделился новым снимком маленькой дочки Russian actor, who became a father on July 4, resting along with the baby and wife out of town. Sergey Bezrukov has decided to please followers of his microblog a photo with heir on the background of nature.

      Sergey Bezrukov, the father of a charming girl Mary at the beginning of this month, went with family to the country. Actor’s wife gave birth to the heir to the 4th of July. Happy father showed a photo of Masha many subscribers of his microblog a few days after the baby into the light, which greatly surprised the fans. Sergey Bezrukov has shared the first photo of newborn daughter

      Judging by the colorful frames on Instagram pitching, infield family planted berries of different varieties, some of which was eating their dog Polly. About once a week movie star pleases subscribers of a new post. The last entry in the microblog Bezrukova made a splash. The actor posted a photo along with her daughter.

      In the picture Sergei posing in the shirt on the back that says “Team.” That was the name of the series that brought Bezrukov Russian glory. In his hands he holds daughter Masha. In the photo you can see a striped jumpsuit newborn girl and her little hand. “Here it is gang! All a good holiday! Signature: father”, is jokingly signed frame joyful father.

      Fans of the actor were delighted with the family idyll and wished health and happiness to the parents and little Masha. “Three weeks – and such a Princess”, “What is pretty”, “really cute through the roof,” “the Most talented and happy Daddy,” “a Handsome man with a beautiful angel, praised by users of the social network of Sergey and his heir.

      Recall that everyone knew about the upcoming addition to the family of Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison at the beginning of June, before the festival in Sochi. Usually the couple rarely speak about the events that occur in their personal lives. However, to hide the pregnancy Anna matison failed, as she had to attend events of “Kinotavr”, which was presented to her painting with the participation of Sergei Bezrukov in the competition.

      In order to avoid unnecessary rush at the festival “Kinotavr” Sergey Bezrukov reported in advance to his fans and reporters that he and his wife are expecting a baby. Pair going to Sochi on “Kinotavr” not to rest and not as guests, but as participants of the festival, participation includes holding press conferences and interviews”, – said the representatives of the doctor before the emergence of the couples at the festival.

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