Сергей Безруков признал своих внебрачных детей
The actor has frankly told about the relationship with his ex-wife.

Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison


If the most popular actors spend with their children a few hours a week, Sergey Bezrukov as the perfect dad practically does not leave with his daughter. Sergei tries not to miss any important events in the life of Masha: whether first walking or cutting teeth. Bezrukov is a pleasure to observe, how grows and develops the baby and he refuses to part with it, even on the road. Moreover, the actor don’t even want to think about how to follow the example of many parents and hire a babysitter. The other day during his interview with Sergey admitted that he especially appreciates the moments spent with my daughter, because, despite the existence of illegitimate children, only now fully able to reveal the father.

“The first time I truly felt like a father. Yes, I have children, and for many it is no longer a secret, as my parents and my wife, Ani, who took them. But with the birth of Masha, I was able to fully enjoy his father’s happiness: to be at the birth, sleepless nights, tired (but happy!), first smile, first tooth. Other children I also love, support and help, so my family is now big, — Sergey told. kp.ru. But I still wouldn’t want to particularly advertise — only in order to protect them from undue attention, which is harmful to the child’s development. I want them to have a normal fate, without the syndrome star children!”

Incidentally, in the same interview the actor also raised the issue of maintaining friendly relations with his ex-wife — Irina Bezrukovoj. According to Sergei, no difficulties in communicating with Irina is not, as between them there is an agreement not to talk about the past. They continue to work in the theatre, but I try to ignore all questions concerning their personal lives. Sergey admitted that he is very grateful to Irina for what she has given him an opportunity to start life with a clean slate.