Sergey Bezrukov got in a fight over the woman

Сергей Безруков пострадал в драке за любимую женщину
Actor and Director presented a clip for his first single rock.

The premiere of the video of the first single of Sergei Bezrukov and his rock band
“The godfather” — the song “Not about us”. Clip posted on the official YouTube
channel Sergey Bezrukov.

The first single, Sergey Bezrukov and his rock band — songs
“Not about us” was held on June 1, and the first day was
in the Russian TOP 5 in music charts iTunes, and then on 94 position in
European TOP 100.

From the first moments of the emergence of network video for “Not about us” followers of Sergei
The doctor rendered a unanimous verdict: “Sasha White has returned!” Indeed,
the image of the hero, played by Sergei Bezrukov in the clip, kind of reminds
this beloved character — a strong-willed, ready to fight a duel for
the woman he loves. By the way, the fight scene in the clip put a famous stunt man
Valery Derkach, who worked on the stunts and fights in the movie “Brigada”.
Opponent that fights the hero doctor, played by actor Anton Khabarov,
the video also starred the actors of the Moscow Provincial theater.

The next single of Sergei Bezrukov and the rock band “Godfather” will be dedicated to
The football world Cup.

Sergey Bezrukov

Photo: Press service of Sergey Bezrukov