Sergey Bezrukov and Victoria Isakova became husband and wife

Сергей Безруков и Виктория Исакова стали мужем и женой
In Moscow the shootings of the film “Myths about Moscow.”

Сергей Безруков и Виктория Исакова стали мужем и женой

Sergey Bezrukov and Victoria Isakova

“Myths about Moscow” — the first
Director of actor Alexander Molochnikova — its unique
cast. For example, yesterday shooting the picture the debutant finished Sergei
Bezrukov and Viktoriya Isakova.

“I saw the work of Sasha Molochnikova in the theater — me
really like his drive, his humor, and so when I received this
offer, I agreed, — said Sergey Bezrukov. — There’s a nice
the idea: all the actors play themselves, or rather myths about themselves. Been looking for someone
can be my hero, and found an image of Dionysus, the actor who played everything.
There is a widespread myth about me like I played and all, but actually
this is not so. For example, “Myths about Moscow” is a musical, and I’m in this genre have not
played. My character was even written Aria in the style of rock, and I was very
it is interesting to do it. Well, imagine that I played everything from the Pope to
natural phenomena like water, and all the heart to joke on this topic — I think
there is in this something cool! Although we tried to find this character and
tragic notes. Was a difficult task: to exist in a light musical genre and
to be the most truly serious and tragic in the frame, — as
to be funny. My character is a tragic figure, a hostage
own talent, a great actor, turned into a media person, which
he is now unbearable to see everywhere around, especially in the mirror.
Therefore, the viewer will, I hope, not just to laugh at him, but to sympathize with him
at the same time. I myself in this role is very compassionate. And happy
laughing at myself over you.”

Isakov plays in the film the wife of the Actor — hero Sergei
Bezrukov. This lady with a cute face and eyes full of horror.
Dedicated her life to her husband and embellished his whole world with his portraits, daily
reminds her husband about his greatness and genius, showing him exclusively
affection and care, I’m sure knows him inside out. She is forced
constantly take myself in hand, as my husband all the time in the form of, in depression.
In modern Moscow mythology, she — Hera — the goddess of the hearth.

“In our film is now so little of the present
otvyaznyh adventure that I gladly went on this trip with insanely
talented group, led by Director Alexander by Molochnikova and
operator Levan Kapanadze, I hope we all will enjoy —
told Victoria. — I have long ceased
think about the result, because the result is the phenomenon unpredictable, and
the main thing is the time spent in the process, so with such a great
company and the crazy scenario, I think that the process will be
unforgettable. As for my character, then play slightly
crazy artist’s wife, who got all possible roles in
the film, what could be more fun?”

Sergey Bezrukov