Sergey Belogolovtsev defended unemployed son with cerebral palsy

Сергей Белоголовцев встал на защиту безработного сына с ДЦП The actor posted on Instagram a photo of Eugene. The guy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. But despite serious illness, he successfully graduated from University and worked in the field of cinema. Now, however, he had problems with the selection of roles.
Сергей Белоголовцев встал на защиту безработного сына с ДЦП

Sergey Belogolovtsev posted a photo of the youngest son Eugene. The actor decided to talk about the problems faced by the heir in everyday life. In the picture the guy smiling cheerfully, the photographer.

“The athlete-entertainer Evgeniy Belogolovtsev wishes all actively productive morning exercises. Well, then those who are not afraid to turn to ice, proceeds to water invigorating treatments. FizKult – Privet!” – signed frame Sergei.

Fans of the actor left friendly comments for the Jenny. “What good fellows, and we are in the office the belly to grow”, “Eugene S. our FizKult – Privet!”, “Hi – power, Eugene!”, “We are very afraid to ice, and you’re done!”, “Wonderful cheerful day!” noted fans Belogolovtsev.

Eugene successfully graduated, as it disease the brain was not injured. “He is the only one in our family, a graduate in film and TV. Three years ago he worked on the cable channel. Then the channel was closed, and gene became unemployed”, – said the actor.

Belogolovtsev has hinted that influential people in the film industry promised to help with the work of Eugene, but forgot or did not want to support the young man.

“And then there is one aunt is a Director and says that in her new film, the main character with cerebral palsy. And she wants Eugene to try. We eyes darted pleadingly. I push her a cookie and ask why, they say, to the disabled such reverent attention. Duty says I have in front of them and special to them. Hooray, I think, at least at the time of our cobs will employ. Know then that the cripple in the movie is going to play healthy, I guess, tall and handsome actor. We again past the garden,” complained the actor subscribers.

The artist has appealed to his colleagues that they did not touch the history of people with disabilities.

“Dear filmmakers, dear colleagues! Remove, please, what you are really good at it “House candy”, 248 series. Or anything military-Patriotic or sports-historical, you have here is good. Our subject does not meddle with their sticky handles. And that we then watch how carefully pretty boy will handle crucitti, and legs to drag one, we will watch and think, it over us mock you kidding me or are you just cynical,” – said in his microblog Sergey.