Sergey Astakhov has ceased to hide a new wife

Сергей Астахов перестал скрывать новую жену
The actor met his fate in a nightclub.

The Wife Of Sergey Astakhov — Victoria

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “the Destiny of man with the YouTube Korchevnikov”

Sergey Astakhov first appeared on TV together with his new wife. The actor said that has not officially registered their relationship with Victoria, but lives with wife in a civil marriage and presents her to the public as the spouse. Astakhov has officially launched its new passion in the program “the Destiny of man”.

The attitude of Sergey and Victoria began a few years ago in a nightclub. Future wife rested there in the company of friends. Astakhov, do not hesitate to come to meet with a spectacular girl. He left her his phone number and soon Victoria, at the invitation of the actor, came to the play with his participation. It is curious that the lover was in a disco accident — she is not an avid “party girl”. Victoria was a primary school teacher.

Meeting with Victoria radically changed the attitude of Sergey to life. “I’m so relieved that even now I’m a little scared about all this talk. I don’t want to change anything. I don’t need anything. We have a good and wonderful family, a serious relationship, — said Astakhov, Boris Korchevnikov. — Now, being an experienced person, I will endeavour what I have left, to be saved. Because for anybody not a secret in a relationship takes work. But while Victoria does, so that I to work is not necessary. Everything is very good. She was very worried when I went here, as it is really not from “our world” (ed. ed — this refers to the world of show business)”

Recall that before Sergei was married twice. In her second marriage, Astakhov left a daughter Maria, who is now already 19 years old. In addition, he had a brief affair with the star of the TV series “Poor Nastya” — Elena Korikova, and presumably for some time met with Anastasia Volochkova.