Sergey Astakhov feels guilty about his ex wife

Сергей Астахов чувствует вину перед бывшей женой The actor believes that could help her career. Sergey Astakhov divorced his second wife in 2011. Now well-known artist builds a relationship with a primary school teacher who is younger than his 16 years.
Сергей Астахов чувствует вину перед бывшей женой

Famous actor Sergey Astakhov was married twice. With the first wife Natalia he met while studying at the art Institute in Voronezh. She was a few years older than darling, but this did not prevent them to start a family. However, their life together was short-lived – he announced to his wife that he’s leaving her. The young actor decided to tie the knot with classmate Victoria. They had a daughter Maria.

Some time later, Sergei moved from the Voronezh region to Moscow. After he won a seat in the theatre, his relationship with his wife deteriorated. According to Astakhov, Victoria also wanted to play in the capital.

“Vic had hoped, I’m sorry for her that I will help somehow get. She’s an actress, she hoped, anticipated, this did not work contact. I was not able to explain to her that I’m a traditional artist that does not solve anything. Anyway, then,” admitted Sergei, in the program “the Destiny of man”.
Сергей Астахов чувствует вину перед бывшей женой

Astakhov said that he could not at that time request the Directors to hire his wife. He didn’t even try to talk to the Manager of the theatre. Only now, the artist realizes that could take this step to help the woman. According to him, this fact hurt the feelings of Victoria.

Presenter Boris korchevnikov noted that very often couples break up when one spouse begins to succeed. However, Sergei partly disagree with this statement – in fact even before that, he bought a car, an apartment, which after a divorce left his wife. Astakhov wonders why everyone thought he left Victoria with the child. According to him, it was their mutual decision.

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Now for four years he is happy with new wife Victoria who is younger than his 16 years. Mistress is a teacher of Junior classes. The actor said that he met her in a nightclub. Despite the fact that Astakhov admires Victoria, he is in no hurry to make her an offer of marriage. Sergei is glad that the choice was friends with his mom.

“My son good as he is comfortable with that person, and to me even better! I know he’s always supervised, neat and tidy, it is good, but I still better. I was hoping all of them will be good. And I now see that they match,” – said the mother of the artist.