Sergei’s wife Belogolovtsev left home

Жена Сергея Белоголовцева ушла из дома
Husband desperate to wait for the return of his wife.

Sergey Belogolovtsev and Ivan Urgant

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “Smak”

Sergey Belogolovtsev for the first time in a long time
spoke in public about his relationship with his wife Natalia. It turns out that the actor
almost stopped to see his wife. The fact that she
plunged into its charity work. According to Sergei, Natasha recent
then, as often and for a long time began to leave home that he had to learn
skills in culinary art, who had to feed his big family.
The details of his personal life Belogolovtsev shared in conversation with Ivan
The Urgant show “Smak”.

“My wife Natasha, she used to be, but then
she went to save the world… She opened the program of rehabilitation and all. It is not
home. It is not at all at home. How not to die of hunger? Had too learn
to cook…” — said Sergey.

By the way, in a culinary program
Belogolovtsev and told that in a short time rather quickly learned
tasty cooking. On his shoulders is now cooking for the whole family. However,
the kitchen is not the only passion of Sergei. As it became known, the actor has been
to perform regularly at poetry readings, which he himself organized. In his
Arsenal are works of Brodsky, Galic, Voznesensky, Yevtushenko and
many others. Belogolovtsev have already developed its own particular style of reading
poems. According to him, unlike many artists that use academic
performance style, he prefers to “live” the authors wrote. And as proof of his words Sergei emotionally and emotionally fulfilled one of the works of Halych —
“Chauffeur”. Urgant was impressed by what he heard and praised the actor.