Сергей Зверев навестил маму в деревне The stylist decided to visit relatives. Sergey Zverev went to his native village to spend time with my mom and go to my father’s grave. Celebrity admits to not so often at home, so this trip decided to devote himself to dealing with other people.

      Сергей Зверев навестил маму в деревне

      Shocking stylist Sergey Zverev doesn’t like to talk about the people close to him. Despite the fact that many celebrities are trying to transport his parents to the capital to often to see them, the artist have not yet followed the example of the majority. Still his relatives live in the small village of Kultuk, which is located in the Irkutsk region on Baikal coast.

      Despite the fact that he was not presenting to the public his relatives, he is pleased to share with fans all the details of his stay in his native town. The artist regularly goes to Periscope to communicate with the fans, but not in a hurry to show the people close to him. The main purpose of the trip is to visit my mother and visit the grave of his father, who was in a motorcycle accident in 1967, when Zverev was only four years old. The famous stylist said that pok had not decided how long will awaken in my own home. Despite the fact that he has free time, he is not going to meet my childhood friends.

      “I came to commemorate all the dead, no other meetings, I have a clear task – to visit relatives in the cemetery to go, because very rarely go there”, – said Zverev.

      Sergey admitted that he’s having a great time in his hometown. Apparently, relatives are very pleased to visit a stylist and I try to pamper it with various Goodies, my stylist tells very appetizing on camera for all his fans. Having been away from his grandmother, he remembered the familiar childhood dishes.

      Fans were amazed when they saw that the king of glamour lived in a rather simple house. They also noted that Sergey talks about his life, not trying to embellish reality. They really liked how the beast behaves in front of the camera.

      “Well done, arrived. Have a good rest at home!”, “Sergey, well, you’re unreal superstar in an ordinary village house!?”, “Oh, boy ,that show the life of ordinary people!”, “Well done, Sergei, simply behave!”, “Well you do there. Everything is home-made, grandma. Still home does not compare to anything else,” he praised members Zverev and look forward to new details of the stay in his native village.

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