Сергея Зверева экстренно прооперировали Stylist suddenly felt ill. After noisy celebrations and corporate events the king of domestic glamour needed an ambulance. Sergei was urgently hospitalized in one of capital clinics.
Сергея Зверева экстренно прооперировали

Stylist to the stars, carefully watching their health, but before Christmas the king of glamour has launched its body, ignoring the pain. And was on the operating table. About this unpleasant event Sergey told through a video to fans on Instagram. The star thanked the doctors for timely help.

“If you feel pain in abdomen – do not pull, because it may be appendicitis… take care, love you all, follow live on Instagram. Many thanks to the doctors, surgeons, nurses, medbratom”, – said Zverev to Network users.

It is worth noting that Sergey says quite cheerfully, he is cheerful, despite the hospital atmosphere. However, after surgery, a top stylist even comes. The star’s pale complexion, black eyes, and he was dressed in a simple tracksuit. Yes, and without a stunning hairstyle on your head. Sergey Zverev complained of sore feet

Fans of Sergei immediately reacted to the video message Zverev. Especially dedicated fans are invited to visit Sergei in the hospital.

“Hold on,” “get Well”, “You scared me, seeing you in the hospital, for you was genuinely concerned. I wish you health!”, “Oh. Shackle, get well. A couple of days and as good as new. Can come to help remove sutures. I already did that”, “take care of yourself and your health is the most precious thing a man can have! Your talent and bright heart is very important and necessary,” said the fans.

It is not known whether he visited sick father Zverev, Jr. Between star dad and Sergey recently strained relations.

We will remind, recently the heir to the stars Zverev Jr. were married. For a young man this is the second marriage. First Union Sergei Jr. was unsuccessful, the star father was against the wedding. According to rumors, the girl led an inappropriate lifestyle. After the incident, the Zverev-senior refuses to meet beloved son, believing that the ladies of the heart is the heir will be a lot more. The son of Sergey Zverev married for the second time