Sergei Zverev told about perversion maid

Сергей Зверев рассказал об извращениях горничной

The maid Sergei Zverev in shorts Sergei Zverev on the background of the painting with a naked Sergei Zverev. This was told by the Barber the star in a recent interview. Zverev argues that attendants not only robbed him, but used his personal linen.

Sergei said as he checked the pockets of his robe her maid, and found in it a camera. Pictures of the cast star in a shock to a woman posing in underwear by the artist on the background of the painting with a naked Zverev.
“On the background of my pictures she feet moved apart, and as soon as any bends. In addition, in all the photos she was in my clothes and even my underwear,” — said the singer. On interrogation the maid said he just did a photo for memory in the clothing, which, in its opinion, Sergey is no longer needed. Of course, after this, the artist indicated hussy at the door.