Sergei Zverev pursue murderers and thieves

Сергея Зверева преследуют маньяки и воры

The famous and flamboyant stylist Sergey Zverev gave an interview to “the”, where he spoke about how him and his girlfriend was chased by the maniac. The stylist admits that living in a dangerous area, where foraged thieves and murderers.

Сергея Зверева преследуют маньяки и воры

“Last year we got with my friend: we were being chased by some guy. Even had the police to ask for help. After this incident, everything got quiet.” recalls the famous singer and fashion guru. Zverev is indignant at such intensification of criminal activities and advises not to walk in the evenings, especially in the city centre.

“Maniacs in recent times have intensified, – sadly said Sergei. – I live in the heart of the city and I can say: in the evenings there is very dangerous. And now again began. In the parks dangerous to walk late in the evening: it is clear that people like to work out. Authorities with the crime fight, but who can keep track? In our Park cars on the perimeter constantly traveling, but when necessary, they are not!”

In the center of Moscow, right on the eyes of the artist a crime has occurred. A thief robbed two men. It all happened so fast that the animal didn’t even have time to call the police. “The star was in such shock that even words can not convey! – Zverev is indignant. – Went out this morning for a run: running for a long time every day and in any weather. Did a few laps and noticed two homeless people who slept on benches. One had a backpack and another bag. Suddenly you see how it comes third. Pulled out from under them and ran away. I voice nearly broke! “What are you doing? cried for the entire Park. – Leave things.” But the thief had already disappeared. While sleeping I woke, he was gone!”

Сергея Зверева преследуют маньяки и воры

In addition to maniacs and thieves, stylist not too lazy to attack and haters on the social networks. Recently there was a rumor that because of osteoarthritis Zverev can’t walk in heels. Allegedly due to illness he can barely walk and is unable to visit his son. “God, what osteoarthritis? – says the artist. – Of course, well, what about me say bad things. It means that interesting. But think about it: every day I run six or seven kilometers. Unless the sick person is able to do? I have no problems. The only – chronic fatigue. I have catastrophically little time. Tour take away all the strength, and also because it is necessary in the Studio to work. The superstars in the West take time out for a year while writing the new album. And we have to do the nights between concerts and tours. Plow horses, but in no other way. “

Sam the stylist feels great thanks to the Thai massage and healthy habits. He also said that sex helps with any disease. “Honestly, I said to the doctors were treated in Soviet times – says the stylist. – However, when I broke my hand a few years ago, I had to go to the hospital. And so I prefer Eastern medicine, particularly Thai massage. There they massaged all the points that activate the work of all organs: liver, kidneys, and heart. Know how to use it. I regularly do this massage and I feel great. And I don’t smoke, don’t drink, drink tea with lemon and watch a good movie. In General, to avoid health problems need to fry everything that moves. Sex cures many ills. Perhaps that is why I do not get sick. Because with sex I have no problem and never was! Sex stars every day!”