Sergei Zhukov was in an awkward position because of lewd images

Сергей Жуков попал в неловкое положение из-за развратных снимков
Over bullied by scammers.

Sergey Zhukov with his wife and children

Photo: @Instagram sezhukov Sergei Zhukov

Sergey Zhukov — model family man. He adores his wife, often publicly confesses his love for her, supports her in all endeavors and is an exemplary father. That’s why fans were shocked when late last night in the microblog singer began one after another to receive the candid photos of the models…

Scammers “selected” Sergei’s blog and was captivated by its risqué pictures of Babes. Now Instagram Zhukov is strongly reminiscent of an erotic magazine. On one of the frames was captured the girl in the dress of bdsm, and the other model was captured almost without underwear… And all this against the background of previously published a family photo of the artist.

Not all fans immediately guessed about what’s happening in the microblog singer. After the first photos of the fans, thinking that the author was Sergei, he was criticized harshly in the comments. “I believed in you, but it turns out that’s what you are!”, “Ugh how horrible!”, “Disgusting! You have kids… a wife! I’m disappointed!” — wrote Sergei.

However, after the fans soon realized that over Sergei mocked detractors. “He at this time was the concert in Novosibirsk! It was hacked!” — commented on the incident one of the fans. However, why the crooks chose such a sophisticated way is not clear. Fans sincerely hope that the bugs will be able to recover microblogging.