Сергей Жуков откровенно рассказал  о беременности жены Fans believe that the wife of the singer is back in position. The musician posted several pictures from the holiday, after which many began to congratulate his family on the upcoming addition. Sergey Zhukov and Regina Burd, already raising three children.

      Last week the soloist of group “Hands Up!” Sergei Zhukov actively shared in their social networks with pictures of vacation in Italy with his wife Regina Burd. One of the frames was seriously troubled by fans of a celebrity. In the picture Sergei hugs Regina, carefully holding her belly. Fans immediately suspected the wife of the performer of pop music in pregnancy.

      “I think Regina and Sergey are waiting for another baby”, “Doyle, your wife has the face of a pregnant woman – this soft traits”, “You are again going to be a dad? Congratulations!” such messages filled his idol his subscribers. Added fuel to the fire and romantic signature that the musician was accompanied by a photo Like Polaroid picture, I want to stop a moment and so, arm in arm, to spend my life with you, love…”.

      Sergei did not react to fans ‘ questions and continued to share the photos of sights of Florence. Meanwhile, the news about the new addition to the family Zhukova gaining momentum – the news of the pregnancy of Regina appeared in several fan groups of the musician. “StarHit” contacted a celebrity to dispel the rumors.

      “No, that’s not true. Regina is not pregnant” – explained the situation bugs.

      Recall that the 40-year-old Sergei four children. A daughter from his first marriage, 15-year-old Alexander, with his mother living in the USA. From his second marriage with ex-soloist of the group “VIA Cream” Zhukov older 7-year-old Nika, a 6-year-old angel and Myron, who on 30 September will be two years.

      Despite having three children, Regina forgets about self-realization. For more than a year, the wife of a celebrity is engaged in the development of their family business – confectionery, specializing in cakes cupcakes CUPCAKE STORY. The young woman personally controls the quality of sweets, appearing in the company’s office not less than four times a week. While Regina does not forget about their main role – the mother of a large family.

      “Serezha very active children,” admits Regina. – Nika engaged in artistic gymnastics, three times a week with angel they visit the pool, plus recently, the children became interested in vocals. To drive them into sections takes time, so sometimes I, of course, helps the nanny”.

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