Сергей Жуков женил брата The artist is happy for the family. Today Mikhail Zhukov played a wedding with the beloved Polina. The soloist of group “Hands up” has asked fans not to skimp on the good words and wishes to the newlyweds.

Today, the family of Sergey Zhukov was a joyful event – his younger brother Michael got married. The artist has published in the microblog picture of the newly-made family – the couple look absolutely happy. The lovers decided to go in the Gagarin registry office in the original clothes. Despite the fact that brides usually wear white dress, and grooms traditionally wear a classic suit, young men have departed from the usual framework. They chose t-shirts with the words “well I must Have been so in love that they decided to get married”, and on top threw a plaid shirt. Sergey Zhukov congratulated Michael and Pauline with an important date and asked fans not to skimp on the good words and wishes to the new family.

“My dear brother, Bear! Today in our family a great holiday! You’ve created your family! Today you became a man! Let the adorable Mix will always be happy with you! Thank you family happiness, catch me at the kiddies. All important words to say to you tonight, and now a little gift for you with Pauline from all our huge army of listeners and fans! I hope the thousands of comments of congratulations from the heart will please you this is my happiest day! Friends, do not be lazy and do not stint on warm congratulations to the new family Bugs!” – asked the artist.

Fans of the soloist of group “Hands up” was glad for the 34-year-old brother of the artist. They admired the young people came up with original outfits for the wedding. The followers wished all the best for the newborn family. “Hooray, huge family welfare”, “Congratulations guys! Let the harmony, purity of relations there is always a new family!” “It’s great! Hooray for Misha Paulina happiness be with them for many years, and Yes, let’s got you by the children, they will also have a beautiful rug as your own. Love them for many, many years,” wrote netizens.

A couple of years ago Sergei Zhukov complained to the fans that Michael was not married. At a concert the actor has even said that looking for my brother life partner. Apparently, the whole family is in awe of the fact that the man I met Pauline.

Mikhail Zhukov also engaged in music – he has several songs recorded with my brother. And the hit “You are my sea”, which was released in 2014 loved by millions of listeners.