Sergei Zhukov lost a lot of weight and revealed the secret

Сергей Жуков сильно похудел и раскрыл секрет

Singer and founder of the popular group “Hands up!” Sergei Zhukov has surprised his fans with a new figure. It is for three months lost a lot of weight and showed the results. Zhukov did not hesitate and wrote to Instagram, which also attached a photo of “before” and “after” weight loss.

Сергей Жуков сильно похудел и раскрыл секрет

Sergey posted a photo taken in March. In the photo he is a portly man with a clearly overweight. The second picture depicted a younger-looking beetles, springing a respectable number of pounds. The singer dressed in a stylish business suit that emphasizes the impending relief.

“The post of motivation! So I looked back in March! I’m happy that Love, Faith and Strength of will helped me to understand that it’s not weight loss and health! As soon as you begin to realize it, to understand and accept, there is a Sense and a Desire and Success!” the musician wrote.

In the post Sergey thanked his wife Regina Burd. According to him, it was her support, understanding and care were the main factors that has allowed to change radically.

“Thank you to all my family and friends for support. It was and is difficult. Thank you mother [email protected] the unconditional understanding and a strong shoulder. Thank you to our friends and our godfather for the direction and the Path. This is not the end but only the beginning,” — says Zhukov.

The singer said that this transformation is not the end. He will not be resting on our laurels and will continue to get in shape.

“The goals are set, the work continues! Not to stop there and go forward is my program for the coming years! I need your support friends! Let’s support each other and take care of your health together. After all, there’s nothing better than a healthy father and mother that so much good and happiness can bring to their families!”, — summed up Sergei Zhukov.