Сергей Жуков идет на поводу у детей The popular singer is expanding his business. Sergey Zhukov and Regina Burd for several years in the family business. For the sake of the sons and daughters they are looking for new ideas and try innovative solutions.
Сергей Жуков идет на поводу у детей

Family business Sergey Zhukov is not in place and is actively expanding its borders. Several years ago he and his wife, Regina Burd opened his own bakery producing cupcakes – the Cupcake Story. Choose your favorite treat was offered on the project website, then processed and paid for the order, and at the appointed time was only for the doorbell to ring.

Star family decided not to stop. Recently hosted the Grand opening of another cafe – a family candy store “Love and sweets”. The building of the capital of the Central market Sergey and Regina were treated to all the assembled guests, who by happy coincidence was next, delicious cupcakes, marshmallows, cakes and many other sweets.

“We wanted to change the name of our family project, – said Zhukov “StarHit”. – Cupcake Story was very narrow – the range has grown significantly and the word Cupcake (cupcake) was already out of place. Many of our clients have focused their attention on it, they say, so we offer only the infamous cupcakes, which everywhere is already a dime a dozen. And we wanted to go towards something more Russian, not to flaunt fashion buzzwords”.
Сергей Жуков идет на поводу у детей

To invent a new name, the pair have offered fans, announcing a big contest on social networks. The main prize – a romantic trip to warmer climes.

“Options from the time that it was necessary even to address the special service, to help us handle all comments – continues the spouse of Sergei Regina. It was very entertaining! That people only did not invent… the Most ridiculous name sounded something like: “Julbord” or “Bordoy”. Such a ridiculous attempt to combine the first letters of our names. In the end, the winner was a lovely young mother, which in the spring go for a vacation abroad. So soon we will keep our promise and send the young lady to enjoy the sun.”

Сергей Жуков идет на поводу у детей

The range of products is constantly expanding – it all started with cupcakes, now on the counter of the cafe you can see over 50 different tasty and tempting offers. The best generators of sugary ideas into a family of artists, of course, are sons and daughter.

“Children, of course, the first tasters of our creations – laughing Sergey. – A special prescription and they are not there, but the wild fire in his eyes at the sight of cakes is something and worth it. Periodically, they throw in my two cents from the series: “Mom, why do you have no more ice cream? And let this Eclair tasted like this or add this, and it is possible to combine them? They all love it and they want it all at once”.