Sergei Zhukov forcing children to earn money

Сергей Жуков заставляет детей зарабатывать деньги Star 90s, told about the methods of education. 9-year-old nick, 7-year-old angel and 3-year-old Myron already maintain their own records of income and expenses. The children of Sergey Zhukov even have time to celebrate pay their first salary.
Сергей Жуков заставляет детей зарабатывать деньги

Sergei Zhukov together with Regina Burd have three children: nick, Angela and Myron. The singer has another daughter from his first marriage, Alexander. Now the girl is 17, she lives with the former wife of the artist in the United States.

Zhukov openly talked about how raising the younger children. Daughter and sons have earned the first money that is invested in the family budget.

“The other day was the celebration of a child’s first paycheck. Children have to go to acting school, where they were casting for participation in the program of one of the children’s channels, the change has worked and received 3,5 thousand roubles. They also receive a salary – but we with Seryozha. In his spare time could come to the shop where baked goods for our family’s confectionary “Love and sweets”, sculpt figurines, which will decorate the cakes and pastries, and each figure was supposed to pay,” shared Regina.

The first salary of the star parents are invited to celebrate the children’s champagne. Mother of many children told the heirs that the money should be divided.

“They startled: “how? Why?” Had to open the eyes of the guys that, for example, there are managers that this work they found, and they have to pay. And there’s the family budget that should be replenished. They at first frightened, but then began to estimate: “how much of this money you can buy goops? We say, “three thousand to buy ten goops or 50 chocolate eggs”. They broke the head and gave it to the family budget a thousand rubles. We put them in a box and agreed that there is also going to put money, and when you need something for the family to buy, there take,” admitted Sergei.

According to Zhukov, to pay children money for work – this is normal. The singer tries to explain to kids that there is an economy that is not easy to construct. “Let the child understand that money is not just given, not falling from the sky. Let them know what credit means and how to operate the credit card. Now, many banks eating program children’s cards, and rightly so,” – said Sergei in an interview with “Telenedelya”.