Сергей  Жуков рассчитывает вернуться на сцену в сентябре
Sergei Zhukov, who planned to go on tour in the South of Russia, was hospitalized and it is possible that the reason for his extreme weight loss.

Сергей  Жуков рассчитывает вернуться на сцену в сентябре

Information about the state of his health not so much. Wife Regina wrote in his instagram that he misses, and in the instagram group “Hands up” published a disappointing statement.

The group’s management does not speak about the transfer of concerts, and offers to take the tickets. In addition, they can only hope that Sergey will be able to continue touring, and do not Express this confidence.

However, the offer of surrender of the ticket applies only for the August concerts, but in September these ads have not yet been that encouraging.

Сергей  Жуков рассчитывает вернуться на сцену в сентябре

Maybe the doctors will allow him to record a video message to the fans, but this is not accurate.

It is worth remembering that a few years ago the beetles were trying to lose weight in a clinic, whose name has not been disclosed. Then he wrote that “it is great to deal with health and not exhaust yourself diets” and reported that she lost 10 kg.

The liposuction during a tummy tuck and reduction of stomach bugs not confirmed, but it is possible that extreme weight loss has affected his health and now he’s paying for it.

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