Sergei Zhukov earned three million fans

Сергей Жуков заработал на поклонниках три миллиона The fans have the opportunity to watch their idol is preparing for its upcoming performance. The artist decided not to make a mystery of the preparation to the event and invite loyal listeners to evaluate their creativity.

      Сергей Жуков заработал на поклонниках три миллиона

      The other day in the capital concert hall “Izvestia Hall” held a dress rehearsal for the performances of the group “Hands up!”, which will be held on 4th and 5th November. At this time, preparing for recital could see not only the event organizers and stage workers, but also fans of the singer. For the first time Sergei Zhukov gave them the opportunity to see behind the scenes of his life and visit the official two-hour run, a solo concert of stars.

      For the opportunity for two hours to observe how practicing beetles, fans of the singer posted from a thousand and seven thousand. Paid the maximum cost had the unique opportunity to watch a performance of Sergei from the VIP area. But that’s not all – the privileged had the chance to be photographed with an idol. Such an opportunity is extremely rare – at concerts Zhukov is not overcrowded, the favorite of millions surrounded by a dense ring of protection.

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      Сергей Жуков заработал на поклонниках три миллиона

      Many visit the event made the fact that to get to the concerts themselves they have no chance – tickets are sold out a month ago. At rehearsal was attended by about two thousand people.

      The idea is to lift the veil of secrecy and allow the fans of Sergei to get on the run suggested by fans of the soloist “Hands up!”. When the tickets in the “Crocus city Hall” was sold at the official address of the group began to receive letters with the request to increase the number of seats. Then Sergei remembered that Dutch singer Armin van Buuren regularly invites fans to their rehearsal. Some friends invited Zhukov, in a secret speech in front of Armin world tour. At the entrance the guests were taken all mobile phones and cameras. Immediately it was decided to adopt experience of foreign colleagues.

      Сергей Жуков заработал на поклонниках три миллиона“”I love rehearsal! – shared with “StarHit” the fan Masha. – Sergey had stopped speech, adjust sound. Joking, telling us how preparing for a concert…”

      After performances in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Zhukov will go in the anniversary tour of Russia.