Sergei Zhukov attacked Stas Kostushkin.

Сергей Жуков напал на Стаса Костюшкина из-за плагиата Artists came to blows in the dressing room. Sergei Zhukov accused of Stas Kostushkin in illegal borrowing. According to the soloist of the popular group, his colleague in show business came very dishonest way. However Kostyushkin pleaded not guilty.

      Сергей Жуков напал на Стаса Костюшкина из-за плагиата

      On the eve on the channel Stas Kostushkin on YouTube was posted by the video is very provocative. In a short video lasting a few seconds captures the moment when the famous artist was attacked by the leader of group “Hands upwards” Sergey Zhukov.

      The incident occurred in the bathroom. The performer of hits “18 me already” and “He kisses you” dipped Kostyushkina head in the toilet filled with ice. Sergei Zhukov accused colleague at the show business of plagiarism. Soloist of the popular group did not skimp on the expression and used physical force to prove his innocence. Stas Kostyushkin, who put in a very awkward position, had to justify himself.

      “Yes, I did not take, you listen! Okay listen to this song, there is another text, music other,” he told Zhukov.

      However, Sergei did not seem to hear the arguments of the Stas. He continued to dip Kostyushkina head into the ice. In the final video, all the bugs calmed down and ceased to torture colleagues.

      The fans of the stars immediately realized that they decided to remove a humorous video and make fun of the speculations of ill-wishers. Previously, some users of social networks found that the song Kostyushkina “Everything exactly” like the old hit “Hands up” “He kisses you”. Video recorded by celebrities, was a response to the accusations of the envious plagiarism. Artists who are in friendly relations, made it clear that I do not perceive the reasoning of the haters seriously.

      A few hours viral video managed to gain about three hundred thousand views. It is quite possible that soon the recording would be appreciated by millions of Internet users, but has not passed also days, as it was removed from YouTube. Apparently, in the administration of YouTube is not imbued with the humor of the celebrities and decided that the publication violates site rules.

      We will add that in November of last year Sergey Zhukov presented the video for the song “When we were young”, has received over 16 million views on YouTube. The video shoot was attended by many friends of the artist, including Stas Kostyushkin. Besides him, in the video you can also see Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo, Alexey Ryzhov, Shura, Evgeny Kulik and DJ Groove. Stars appeared before the fans in extremely unusual images. Celebrities with a great sense of humor, fantasized about what they would look like in a few years. Sergei Zhukov has noticeably aged