Сергей Жуков случайно показал зрителям прямого эфира бутылку водки
The leader of group “Hands upwards” Sergey Zhukov during live broadcast disabled the front camera and the eyes of the spectators opened an unusual picture.

The beginning was quite nice. Sergei spoke with the subscribers on the topic of copyright in Russia and noticed that if they with Alexey Potekhin worked in America, it would be fabulously rich thanks to royalties for the use of their songs.

After told about why not host a concert in Armenia.

And then decided, as expressed by the singer, a little “tea”, and this turned the camera the other side.

“Ooh, vodka,” said the audience of the ether.

Indeed, on the table stood a bottle of Absolut vodka, but, in fairness, I was watching live and noticed that the bottle is full and sealed. So that you can safely assume that Sergei used containers only as a stand for your phone.

Moreover, not so long ago Sergey Zhukov survived the operation, would probably poison the body with alcohol.

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