Сергей Жорин, жена

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He is one of the most successful Russian lawyers, has gained popularity due to the fact that not just represent the interests of famous people – politicians and stars of domestic show-business. Personal life of Sergey Gorina also did not avoid events that would require the intervention of an experienced lawyer.

Personal life of Sergey Gorina

The lawyer has survived three marriages and three of the divorce and is now married for the fourth time. The first wife of Sergey Gorina Natalia gave birth to his son Alexander, with whom he continues to communicate still, but his ex-wife very little information.

		Сергей Жорин, жена

On the photo: the first wife of Sergey Gorina

Some time ago on his page in the social network Zhorin has posted pictures of his son and his first wife, accompanied by pictures and warm comments. He wrote that Natasha refers to a rare type of women who will never make a lie, never betray, and that he is grateful to destiny that gave him a meeting with her.

		Сергей Жорин, жена

Zhorin with son Sasha

After the first divorce, he met the famous radio host and journalist Catherine Gordon, a marriage which was entered into twice, but they never managed to create a strong Christian family, and their life together was vigorously debated in the press because of the constant high-profile conflicts.

The first time they signed in 2011, but their Union lasted only two months and broke up with the scandal – Gordon wrote on her husband’s statement to police in which he reported that he was severely beaten.

		Сергей Жорин, жена

Sergei Zhorin and Catherine Gordon

Sergei hurried to make amends and publicly apologized to his ex-wife, then she took the statement. The following year, Kate gave birth to her son Daniel, and the couple attempted to reunite, but nothing good is not led.

Conflicts in the family continued, and all the details of these scandals was loudly discussed in the press.

		Сергей Жорин, жена

Gordon with son Daniel

Signing again in 2014, Sergei and Ekaterina again stayed in the status of spouses in just two months and parted again, now filed for divorce, Zhorin.

		Сергей Жорин, жена

In 2016, the personal life of Sergey Gorina appeared TV presenter Ekaterina Guseva, where after a brief affair he proposed, giving in honor of this event ring.

		Сергей Жорин, жена

In the photo: Sergei Zhorin and Ekaterina Guseva

The couple appeared everywhere together, showing excellent relationships and everyone was waiting for that Zhorin married once again, but this did not happen.

The next darling of the well-known lawyer, was Natalia Rogozin, a well-known athlete, world champion in Boxing. They met accidentally in the Parking lot, started Dating, and their rapidly developing novel soon became noticeable to everyone around.