Sergei Zhorin about relationship with Kate Gordon: “We began to communicate normally for my son”

Сергей Жорин об отношениях с Катей Гордон: «Мы стали нормально общаться ради сына» The former couple decided to forget about all the conflicts that arose between them. Sergei Zhorin told the “StarHit”, as they are with the ex-wife raising a son. According to the famous lawyer, they were able to connect with Katya Gordon, as they know what they are doing is for the happiness of an heir.

      Сергей Жорин об отношениях с Катей Гордон: «Мы стали нормально общаться ради сына»

      Relationship of former spouses Catherine Gordon and Sergey Zhorin has long been difficult. However, the couple had to overcome all contradictions, since they have a son Daniel, who equally needs attention and mom and dad. Two years after the divorce, Sergei and Katia decided to try to forget all the insults at each other and start to communicate without conflict for the child.

      Zhorin said the “StarHit” that he loves his son and wants to talk with Daniel more often. Recently a lawyer was present at the birthday party of the son.

      “Fortunately, our Katya parental relationship better, – admitted Sergey. Mom and dad Tribute, we found the strength to overshadow grievances and claims against each other. Now we have a good relationship – just not to jinx it. I am very happy, but, more importantly, very happy son. We even celebrated his birthday – Dan was very happy. I gave him the cell phone, now often call him, discuss his day”.

      Catherine Gordon also repeatedly hinted that he is no longer feeling negative feelings toward the father. At the celebration in honor of Daniel’s parents were photographed with the boy and looked happy. If the presenter could not talk calmly with the ex-spouse, now she was able to move past all the controversy. According to Gordon, Sergey has changed for the better.

      “I can’t say that Katya made up is the wrong wording. We just started to communicate normally in the name of educating our child. It is very important that the passions gone – by the way, very suddenly and quickly, – said the Zhorin “StarHit”. – Katya has changed towards me – he was loyal, calm. We have a very good relationship now as parents. Of course, I really want to participate in the education of Tribute. He’s a clever guy, very attracted to me. We went to the children’s village, and there the son was running to me – play a bit and have cuddles me, kisses… It’s so touching not to pass on. Hopefully, Kate will continue to be a good relationship, because I really want to do with my son, to see him grow up”.

      The father of the child admits that it is very concerned that my son has a different last name. According to Sergey, if all goes well, he wants the heir was Daniel by Garinim. “The guy still live and live, and his childhood called Gordon” jokes lawyer.

      Сергей Жорин об отношениях с Катей Гордон: «Мы стали нормально общаться ради сына»