Сергей Трофимов поведал о романе со вдовой Александра Абдулова The singer was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. The actor told how married twice and met his first wife, about the affair with the widow of Alexander Abdulov, Sergey also told, who are today happily married.
Сергей Трофимов поведал о романе со вдовой Александра Абдулова

Sergei Trofimov has told on air “the destiny of man” that first time married at age 20. At such a young age, the singer gave concerts, at one of his speeches he met first wife Natalia. According to Sergei, he immediately fell in love. Soon the couple had a daughter Anna. A few years later the couple divorced. As explained by the musician, at that moment, he experienced a crisis of creativity. And the mother of the artist was not willing to accept the daughter-in-law.

“The code got divorced, I was not in very good situation. Then again, everything is normal. Natasha came back, I sorry for her… And we got back together,” admitted Sergei.

The singer said that were trying to save the first family for 15 years, he was sorry to leave her daughter without a father and a wife without support. However, in his opinion, he and Natalia were originally completely different people. “It should have been tear. And tear at once. For all… But you know that with age,” said Trofimov.

Sergei told that the second marriage with Natalia soon began to crumble. During this period he met Julia Mashino. Trofimov fell in love with first sight. However, she chose Alexander Abdulov and went to him. The musician is torn between his lawful wife and Julia. In recognition of Sergei, is in travail he was born the best composition.

“Julia had some sense of a certain. I’m just a grown boy was, I knew that we are not a couple. It’s like a wolf that goes through the woods and realizes that this berry is edible, but not this one. I felt responsible for Natasha, Anya. And on the other hand I realized that I can’t stay. Came home in someone else’s family. But all this is good for creativity, well you suffer”, – said Trofimov.

In the end, Sergey and Natalia broke up, leaving all her property, and was not able to build a relationship with Julia. And soon the fate prepared for him a new surprise. A girl named Anastasia, once on a concert of Trofim, at first glance realized that can’t live without it.

“You see, she is very deep person… That killed me: when we first started Dating, she didn’t eat! And I realized that we can often go to restaurants” – ironically said the artist.

Soon Sergey and Anastasia were married. The couple had a son Ivan and daughter Elizabeth. Trofimov supports your relationship with adult daughter Anna. The girl is often staying with the famous dad and loves his younger brother and sister.