Сергей Светлаков сделал сюрприз Александру Незлобину
The comedian celebrated his birthday on stage.

Sergey Svetlakov and Alexander Nezlobin

Photo: TNT

At the festival “picnic “Afisha” Alexander Nezlobin decided to celebrate his birthday, issuing a new
stand-up program. According to the showman, he never in life it is so nice not met your personal new year. Specifically, in order to congratulate the comedian, on “picnic “Posters” arrived
Sergey Svetlakov — he broke through the crowd, went on stage and
congratulated a friend, with whom they recently made the film “Bridegroom.” By the way, for
all this was a real surprise, because Svetlakov has not been declared in the program

“Picnic” also came the star of the show “DANCING”:
Julian Bucholz, Ivan Mazikin and the winner of the second season of the show Max Nesterovich
spent with public dance workshops. They taught the audience to dance, and
some of them were even invited to go on stage. Watched all this
choreographers of the show: Vladimir gudym, Alexei Karpenko and Ekaterina Reshetnikova. Came
even the coach of “DANCING” Egor Druzhinin — he was with his family. Someone from stars
“DANCE” jokingly remarked that the winners of past seasons of the project gaining
new team directly from the audience. Some of the choreographers said that vengeance
prepare for the third season of “DANCING.”

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