Сергей Светлаков отмечает двойной день рождения
Today the actor turned 39 years old, and his daughter Anastasia – 8.

Sergei Svetlakov

Photo: Elena Sukhova

By a happy coincidence, the daughter of Sergei
Anastasia svetlakova was born in it
own birthday in 2008. And this event has overshadowed all other
the gifts that are presented to the actor, showman and producer of his colleagues the project “Our
Russia”, which he then tightly filmed. Since this
date Svetlakov celebrates a double holiday.

Current wife Antonina quickly found common
language with Nastya and they communicate well. “Tosya with Nastya every day come to
me for shooting, for example, the same film “Gorko!”, — said Sergey
interview 7days.ru. It was my emotional rear: I knew that somewhere
behind the camera is a few chairs where my girls wrapped in
baby soft sit and drink tea. It was nice and quiet”.

The portal 7days.ru congratulates
Sergey and Anastasia with birthday and wishes health, happiness, family
well-being, a dad a new and more prominent roles and high-profile projects.