Сергей Светлаков перестал скрывать супругу
A well-known entertainer was first published by the family.

Sergey Svetlakov with Antonina

Photo: @ssvetlakov Instagram Sergey Svetlakov

Oddly enough, in the microblog Sergey Svetlakov
never was there any picture with his wife. In
least until recently. The other day a famous comedian decided
to break its secrecy and for the first time published the photograph in which
next to him was captured, his wife Antonina Chebotareva. Frame
was made during a romantic travel couple in Spain.
Relationship with Sergei and his wife lasted four years, however, for
this time, they often appeared together at social events.

Incidentally, the secrecy inherent not only Svetlakov, but some of his colleagues “on shop”. For example, Garik Kharlamov hide from the prying eyes of his daughter Anastasia, which he presented to Christine Asmus. And Paul Will hide from the General public not one but two kids: Robert and Sophia.

Recall that the novel svetlakova from Chebotareva spun almost
immediately after he divorced first wife Julia.
Showman tried not to advertise their new relationship. Even
the wedding of Sergei with Antonina held in the strictest confidence. On
the secret wedding of Sergey became known not at once.

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